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Please see below for the answers to common questions we regularly get.

ABC Server Training is either approved or in the process of obtaining approval in all States where training is required. If our course is not yet approved you will see a notification on the top of the page.
Most of the States do require alcohol training. Additionally, most employers require responsible alcohol training even in States where training is not mandatory.
The frequency at which you need to renew you alcohol (and other trainings) varies from State to State. Most States require a renewal every 3 years.
Once you complete the course you’ll be provided with an ABC Server Training certificate. In some States this will act as your license. Please note, that certain States do require an additional test after the course is completed.
Certain States will require additional Steps after the completion of ABC Server Training’s course. Please be sure to check with the State and local governments to ensure you’re in compliance.
The date you’ll need to have obtained your training by varies from State to State, but most States require an employee to be certified within 60 to 90 days of starting their employment.
Depending on your job and the industry you work in you may also need to get a Food Handler’s permit, Food Manager’s permit, Tobacco Seller permit, Food Allergen permit or one of many others.
Getting training certifications not only protects the patrons of your store by helping to make sure that they are served safely and responsibly, but in some instances can also help protect you as the employee from liability. Some States allow employees who have been trained by an approved course to be protected from charges such as serving a minor.