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Indiana ATC Server Training

The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission (ATC) requires alcohol servers to complete server training in order to understand and promote responsible alcohol service practices. This training, known as ATC Server Training, covers a variety of topics including identification of fake IDs, recognizing and managing intoxicated customers, and responsible alcohol service practices.

Indiana ATC Server

If you are an alcohol server in Indiana and need to complete ATC Server Training, there are a few steps you can follow to get started:

  1. Find an ATC-approved training provider: The ATC maintains a list of approved training providers on their website. You can find this list by searching for “ATC Server Training” on the ATC website.
  2. Choose a training format: ATC Server Training is available in both online and classroom formats. If you prefer to complete the training online, make sure to choose a provider that offers online courses.
  3. Register for the training: Once you have found an approved provider and chosen a training format, you will need to register for the course. This can usually be done through the provider’s website or by contacting them directly.
  4. Complete the training: After you have registered for the course, you will need to complete the training within 90 days. The length of the training can vary, but it is typically a few hours in length.
  5. Obtain a server permit: Once you have completed the training, you will need to obtain a server permit from the ATC. This permit must be renewed every 3 years and can be revoked if you violate any of the ATC’s rules and regulations.

The ATC Server Training program covers a wide range of topics related to responsible alcohol service practices. Some of the key course materials include:

  • Identification of fake IDs: In order to prevent the sale of alcohol to minors, servers must be able to accurately identify fake IDs. The training includes information on how to spot fake IDs and what to do if you suspect that a customer is using a fake ID.
  • Managing intoxicated customers: Servers are required to prevent the overserving of alcohol and the sale of alcohol to intoxicated individuals. The training includes information on how to recognize when a customer has had too much to drink and how to handle the situation in a responsible manner.
  • Responsible alcohol service practices: The training covers a variety of best practices for serving alcohol responsibly, including how to properly handle and serve alcohol, how to handle difficult customers, and how to prevent overserving and sales to minors.
  • Legal responsibilities: The training includes information on the legal responsibilities of servers and the consequences of violating alcohol service laws. This includes information on the penalties for overserving, selling alcohol to minors, and other violations.
  • Handling challenging situations: The training includes guidance on how to handle challenging situations that may arise while serving alcohol, such as dealing with difficult customers or managing intoxicated individuals.

Overall, the ATC Server Training program is designed to provide alcohol servers with the knowledge and skills they need to serve alcohol responsibly and safely. By completing the training, servers can better understand their legal responsibilities and how to handle challenging situations that may arise while serving alcohol.

It is important to note that ATC Server Training is not required for all alcohol servers in Indiana. However, it is recommended for any individual who serves or sells alcohol in the state. Completing the training can help servers to better understand their legal responsibilities and how to handle challenging situations that may arise while serving alcohol.

Overall, the ATC Server Training program is an important resource for alcohol servers in Indiana. By participating in the program and completing the training, individuals can learn how to handle and serve alcohol in a responsible manner, helping to reduce the negative consequences of alcohol consumption. Whether you choose to complete your ATC Server Training online or in a classroom setting, the benefits of participating in the program are significant and well worth the investment.


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