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Illinois Basset Certification & Alcohol Server Training

Illinois Basset Training is the State of Illinois’ responsible beverage seller and server certification through Responsible Beverage Training or (RBS). BASSET, or Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training, was built to ensure a safer community by helping to prevent drunk driving and avoid alcohol sales to minors in Illinois.

Illinois Basset Certification

Do I need to be certified in Illinois to serve alcohol?

Yes, in short, anyone who checks IDs for alcohol sales or service must obtain a BASSET card (training certificate) in the state of Illinois.  Your employer will likely require you to complete the BASSET training course if you are a bartender, server or bouncer, to reduce liability since the BASSET Certification must be obtained before you serve alcohol in their place of business.  You can expect the BASSET card to be required when you are going through your bartender training or server training with your new employer.

How do I get my BASSET Certificate?

Obtaining the BASSET certification can be done by completing the online training course successfully at ABC Server Training – a state approved training alcohol training provider.  Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a temporary certificate of completion for the BASSET training course.  Your completed course status will be sent to the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC), and the ILCC will send your official BASSET card in the following weeks.  You will be able to serve alcohol in Illinois with your temporary certificate until your physical BASSET card arrives.

How long does my BASSET Server Training Certificate last?

The BASSET certificate is valid for three years from the date of completion of the Illinois-approved alcohol server training program at ABC Server Training.  After three years, you will be required to take the training course again to renew your BASSET certificate.

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Where can I complete the IL BASSET Training Course?

ABC Server Training is an approved alcohol training provider for the state of Illinois.  The BASSET certification program is 100% online!  You will not be required to show up in person to take a final exam.  The BASSET final exam will be given at the end of your alcohol training course.  This course is approved by the Illinois Liquor Control Commission (ILCC) and includes the requirements for serving and selling alcohol.  Before the ILCC will send you the BASSET card, you must complete the alcohol server training course and pass the final exam.

Why should I get the BASSET card?

To protect yourself legally, you should obtain your BASSET card if you’re serving alcohol or checking IDs in Illinois.  Additionally, the Illinois BASSET training course will teach you the alcohol server laws to keep you protected from liability as Illinois enforces the Dram Shop Act.  

What certification do I need to be a bartender in Illinois?

The state of Illinois requires all bartenders, servers and bouncers to attend a state approved alcohol awareness training course and be BASSET certified.  There is no additional bartender training, besides the BASSET certification, that is required in Illinois for bartender training.

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What jobs can I get with the BASSET certification?

Any job that needs someone to check ID cards for alcohol serving or selling alcohol in the state of Illinois is a job you would qualify for once you obtain your Illinois BASSET card.  Depending on your career goals and desires, you would qualify for the jobs in the following establishments when you have your BASSET server training certificate:

BarsRestaurantsConvenience Stores
Liquor StoresGas StationsNightclubs

Going into an interview for a bartender position with your BASSET training course already completed, makes you an attractive candidate for the job since you are already familiar with the IL laws regarding alcohol sales and service.

How do I get started with my BASSET certification?

Get Your Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) License online now at ABC Server Training!  Start on the home page by selecting Illinois – Approved Course from the drop down menu, then click on Get Started! to be on your way to obtaining your BASSET online certification.

Once you complete the Illinois alcohol server training certification, you will receive a temporary Illinois Basset certificate and will be legally qualified to serve alcohol in Illinois. The Illinois Liquor Control Commission will mail your official BASSET Card in the coming weeks for FREE.  Get started today!

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About ABC Server Training:

With over 40 years of experience in the hospitality sector, we are providing an easy-to-use and accredited platform for individuals and businesses to maintain compliance with nationwide Responsible Server regulations. Our goal is to educate servers with information known to reduce alcohol-related risks in the workplace while they ultimately earn the certification required by their operating states. We offer 100% online state-approved and state compliant courses for server training that are accessible from just about any electronic device with simple and easy to use interfaces.


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