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Achieving Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) Certification for Your Entire Staff at a California Restaurant

Responsible Beverage Service (RBS) certification is a crucial requirement for all staff involved in serving alcohol at a restaurant in California. This certification ensures that your staff is well-trained in alcohol service laws, responsible serving practices, and handling difficult situations related to alcohol consumption. Here’s a comprehensive guide to getting RBS certification for your entire staff at a California restaurant:

Achieving Responsible Beverage Service

1. Understand RBS Requirements in California:

  • In California, RBS certification is mandatory for all individuals involved in serving or selling alcohol, including bartenders, servers, managers, and owners.

2. Choose an Accredited RBS Training Provider:

  • Select an accredited RBS training provider that meets California’s requirements. Ensure that the provider offers a comprehensive course that covers relevant topics such as California alcohol laws, identifying fake IDs, and recognizing signs of intoxication.

3. Enroll Your Staff in an RBS Training Course:

  • Enroll all eligible staff members in the RBS training course offered by the accredited provider. The course should be tailored to meet the needs of restaurant staff and should cover practical scenarios relevant to restaurant settings.

4. Complete the RBS Training Course:

  • Ensure that all staff members complete the entire RBS training course. The course may be completed online or in-person, depending on the provider’s offerings.

5. Pass the RBS Certification Exam:

  • After completing the training course, staff members will need to pass an exam to obtain their RBS certification. The exam tests their knowledge of California alcohol laws and responsible serving practices.

6. Receive RBS Certification:

  • Once your staff members have successfully completed the training course and passed the exam, they will receive their RBS certification. The certification is valid for a specified period, usually three years.

7. Maintain RBS Certification:

  • Ensure that your staff members renew their RBS certification before it expires. Renewal typically involves completing a refresher course and passing the exam again.

8. Implement RBS Practices in Your Restaurant:

  • Encourage your staff to apply the knowledge and skills gained from RBS training in their daily interactions with customers. This includes checking IDs, refusing service to intoxicated individuals, and managing difficult situations effectively.

By ensuring that your entire staff is RBS certified, you can promote responsible alcohol service practices at your restaurant and create a safer environment for both customers and staff. RBS certification not only helps you comply with California alcohol laws but also enhances the professionalism and reputation of your establishment.


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