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ABC Server Training vs ServSafe

ABC Server Training’s 3rd party Alcohol Server Training is a top-quality training program designed to educate and certify individuals in responsible alcohol service. While it may be similar to ServSafe, a well-known provider of food and alcohol safety training, ABC Server Training offers its courses at a lower price and with more convenience for users.

ABC Server Training

One major difference between ABC Server Training and ServSafe is the cost of their courses. While ServSafe charges upwards of $100 for their alcohol server training program, ABC Server Training offers their courses for as low as $9.95. This lower cost makes ABC Server Training more accessible to individuals and businesses looking to train their employees in responsible alcohol service.

In addition to the lower cost, in certain states  ABC Server Training also offers more convenient options for completing their courses. ABC Server Training specializes in easy and quick online courses. This allows users to complete the training at their own pace and on their own schedule adhering closely to state standards .

Despite the lower cost and more convenient options, ABC Server Training’s courses are just as comprehensive and high-quality as ServSafe’s. Our program covers important topics such as detecting and preventing intoxication, responsible alcohol sales and service, and state laws and regulations related to alcohol service to ensure the user will obtain the approval of the state certification on the first attempt  .

It’s important to note that ABC Server Training’s courses are not only comprehensive and high-quality, but they are also approved by many state regulatory agencies. This means that individuals who complete their program can feel confident that they have received the necessary training to serve alcohol responsibly. The approval of these regulatory agencies further demonstrates the validity and effectiveness of ABC Server Training’s courses. Whether you are looking to fulfill a state requirement or simply want to ensure that you are serving alcohol responsibly, ABC Server Training’s courses have you covered.

One of the key features of ABC Server Training’s program is our interactive learning platform fully approved and vetted by the state agencies . This platform includes quizzes, and interactive exercises that help users fully understand the material and retain the information. This hands-on approach to learning helps ensure that users are well-prepared to serve alcohol responsibly and pass these courses to obtain certification to commence employment .

In addition to the interactive learning platform, ABC Server Training also offers support from trained professionals. Our team of experts is available to answer any questions or concerns users may have about the material. This personalized support helps ensure that users fully understand the content and are able to pass the certification exam.

Upon completion of ABC Server Training’s program, users will receive a certificate of completion that is recognized by many states and businesses allowing immediate employment . This certificate serves as proof that the user has received the necessary training to serve alcohol responsibly.

In conclusion, ABC Server Training’s 3rd party Alcohol Server Training is a top-quality training program that offers the same level of education as ServSafe at a lower cost and with more convenient options for users. Their interactive learning platform and personalized support make it easy for users to fully understand and retain the material, and their certificate of completion is recognized by the states and businesses where the courses are offered . If you or your employees are in need of responsible alcohol service training, consider choosing ABC Server Training for a cost-effective and convenient option.


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