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Colorado Liquor Enforcement Division Certified Online Course
Liquor Enforcement Division Responsible Vendors Training Training Program
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Colorado Responsible Vendors Training Course

Our course is the industry leading Responsible Vendors Training course geared toward preparing you to pass your CO Responsible Vendors Training Test. Our entirely Online course has been approved by the CO ABC and meets the governmental requirements for Bartenders, Servers, Vendors and Security.

Our Course is

  • An Introduction to Alcohol Server Training
  • Examine different forms of Identification
  • Avoid selling to minors
  • The Physical Effects of Alcohol
  • Ways to identify Intoxicated person
  • Rules for unique operations like Private clubs.

Corporate + Bulk Sales

If you are a large corporation with multiple stores or a business owner who would like to obtain multiple employees a training package our team has customized solutions to help your maintain compliance all while saving money.

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